What can cause migraines or headaches?

The arteries and veins of our body have a special reflex that is important in our survival. If the blood vessels constrict (like stepping on a hose creates a build up of water on either side) then there must be dilation in response to the constriction. 

The pain fibers wrap around the outside of the blood vessels and are activated when stretched. This is a protective mechanism. When we constrict our blood vessels, we get a responsive dilation shortly afterwards. 

This activates the pain fibers and gives us our migraine. This is the reason it is throbbing, because when you constrict blood vessels you are not activating pain fibers, but when it dilates you stretch the pain fibers.

Cervicogenic(caused from the neck) headaches have a simple cause as well, an irritation of a spinal nerve, or abnormal joint motion in the vertebrae of the upper neck.

The joints become misaligned and cause inflammation and tightness of the muscles at the base of the skull, applying pressure and chemical interference to the nerves and blood vessels of the skull.

What is Brain and Nervous System Based Therapy?

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Am I a candidate for your treatments?

Not all patients will be accepted into our program. We make a determination of treatment acceptance after an initial evaluation. 

Are your treatments safe?

Very safe and painless.

I go to a chiropractor now, what is the difference between what you do?

Most chiropractors adjust the spine manually and it makes a popping noise. We do NOT do this on Migraine and Headache patients. We use an neurological therapies as a means of improving your symptoms.

Will my insurance cover your treatments?

Most of our treatments are covered by most insurance plans. If something is not covered we will discuss it with you before any treatment begins.

How much do your treatments costs?

It varies. We do not know exactly what treatments the patients will need until we exam them.



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