Dear Migraine and Headache Sufferers,

Are you tired of Migraine headaches ruining your day? Have you been told to just live with them? Do the medications only help temporarily? If so then please read about our new treatments for Migraine Headaches.

Over the years we have seen many patients with migraines and they would always ask if there was anything we could do to relieve them. 

After scouring the country we finally found a new breakthrough treatment for Migraines and Headaches called Brain and Nervous System Based Therapy.

This treatment is non-surgicalpainless, and drug free.

Since bringing this treatment to Omaha over 7 years ago, we have seen amazing results in the treatment of Migraine & Chronic Headaches.  

You can view our patient testimonials below.

If you would like to learn more about our program and to see if you are a candidate for treatment please call us at 402-397-1800 for a complimentary consultation. 

 Looking for Migraine Relief?
Migraine Sufferers....Please Watch the video to see our Migraine Treatment
"Before finding out about this treatment I had tried everything from injections to medications, even a trip to the Mayo Clinic without any results.  

Since starting treatments I have seen a dramatic decrease in my migraines.  These treatments absolutely work. 

They made it possible for me to go back to school and I'm driving again. 

 I would advise anyone that is suffering from migraines to try them."

*Patient Testimonial's
"I suffered from migraines, facial pain, fatigue and other neurological problems. 
I had been to several doctors and specialists.  

The Mayo Clinic diagnosed me with atypical migraines and recommended I see a migraine specialist. 
I rarely suffer from a migraine and my overall health has steadily improved since I started these treatments.  I would recommend this therapy to anyone that is suffereing with migraines."

'I have always suffered from migraines and severe tension headaches with no relief from anything I have tried.  

With these treatments, I no longer have migraines and my tension headaches have substantially decreased. 

 I am grateful for the relief and would definately recommend that anyone that sufferes from headaches and migraines try these treatments."

Hallie K. Omaha, NE
"I have had migraines for the past 50 plus years.  I have done all prescribed medications available, including Imitrex, injections and Biofeedback. 
Nothing had prevented them from happening.  I usually had normal to severe migraines at least 4 to 6 times a week.  Since starting the treatments I am no longer taking medications. 
 I have'nt taken an Imitrex in over 4 months!  I would recommend this treatment to anyone who has headaches of any kind.  Being headache free is great!  It is a new experience for me and I love it!"

"I had severe headaches 2-3 times a month for 18 years. When i had them I had to go to bed in a dark room with no sound or smells. I tried medications and a chiropractor before with no long term results. 

Since starting treatment the headaches have diminished greatly. 

I've only had 2 since I started the treatments. I would recommend this to anyone with headaches. 

The Doctor found the cause of my headaches and assured me that he knew my headaches were real and treatable." 

Nancy G., Iowa
"I came in with daily headaches and severe migraines several times a month. I originally saw a neurologist and was put on preventative medications and anti depressants for Migraines. I also did therapy to deal with the daily headaches and over the counter pain meds. 
Since starting treatment here my neck actually turns side to side with no pain. I go for days without a headache. The migraines occur maybe once a month if that often and aren't severe when they do occur. I would recommend this treatment because I have gotten the most relief out of anything I have tried."

Karla Omaha
I was having frequent migraines that sometimes lasted days or even weeks.  

The medications I used only gave me short term relief and the side effects were taking time away from my family. 

With the treatments I have seen significant changes with my migraines. 

 I would strongly recommend this treatment to others.  It has given me my life back and the treatments are so easy, not time consuming and involves no drugs or side effects.

Sandy Omaha, NE
I have suffered from migraines since 1992.  Then in 2009 I began having daily headaches as well with no relief.  
I had intense pain, light sensitivity and nasuea. 
The traditional medications (Dolgic, Imitrex, etc.)I was prescribed over the years never really worked. 
With these treatments I no longer have daily headaches and am off my preventative and pain meds.  I now am able to exercise again and to whatever activites I used to enjoy without worrying if it will trigger a headache.  I feel so much better! 

Dena Omaha, NE
I used to get headaches everyday. When I had them I was super sensitive to light and if they got really bad I could feel the pain in my ears and jaw. 

 I tried acupuncture, medications, neurologists, headache specialists, ear doctors and allergists.  Nothing worked, until I found this treatment. 

 My headaches have minimized tremendously and I feel so much better.  I would definately recommend these treatments to anyone that has headaches. Im very impressed with the treatments and staff.

Allison Omaha, NE
I had daily migraines that were controlling my life. The medications and treatments I had tried were not working.  With these migraine treatments I have seen significant improvement with my migraines.  I no longer have daily migraines and my quality of life has improved tremendously.  
Those that suffer from chronic migraines understand how disabiling their pain can be and how daily functioning can be difficult.  I would absolutely recommend these treatments.  Those that are currently suffering deserve to get their life back!  

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